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During her time at the University of Namibia she got to make a lot of new memories and friends, but she also acquired new, valuable knowledge within the field of nursing.

Lina describes her semester abroad as developing, educational, and as a lot of fun. This makes picking one specific memory as the best one a bit difficult.

“I know it is cliché, but it truly is impossible to choose one” she says. “I went on safari, skydiving, and quad biking in sand dunes, amongst a lot of other things. All these memories are cherished but will fade in comparison to those that truly mattered; the rewarding encounters with staff, students, and patients at the hospital and the pre-school. Those, I will carry with me forever.”

Although Namibia is a country a long way from Sweden, Lina felt at home, and at ease. That might be partially thanks to all the nice people she met.

“The people of Namibia are friendly and curios, thus no day can be boring - unless you want it to be.”

Tips for other students

When in Namibia, one of the challenges Lina faced was the high tempo.

“Going abroad meant studying 150% while at the same time traveling and experiencing the country” she says. “I definitely put in an extra gear in order to make time for everything and it was totally worth it.”

So other that preparing for a hectic tempo when abroad, Lina recommends talking to students who has been abroad for studies before, and especially if they have been to the same country you are planning on going to.

“They can bestow you valuable tips and tricks, and also information which can put you to ease and at the same time motivate you!”
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