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Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching was formerly Microsoft Imagine.

The aim is to evaluate and understand IT technology and may not be used for the University's operation or for commercial purposes. This includes latest version of Windows but NOT Microsoft Office. For Office software go to the page Office software for private computer.

You only have access to Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching while you are an active student or staff at University West. You have the right to use the software installed after finished studies or employment but you cannot download or request new license keys.

The University has no control of the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching site and cannot correct any errors or disturbances. In case of problems you may have to try at a later time. The University cannot take responsibility for the individual installation, provide support for, or take responsibility for any errors. If you utilize this free service, you can use the instructions you find on the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching pages.

When you download software, the interface is similar to a web marketplace. In the download process, a product key comes visible. Remember that all product keys are personal. Please write down the product key because you will need it during installation to confirm your eligibility for installation. If you lose the key, you can retrieve it in the same place where you downloaded the software.

To download the software, click the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching at the bottom of this page. You come to Microsoft Azure. There is a blue Sign In button a bit down on the page, click on it and log in. Students log in with their username followed by and staff with their username followed by In this system we also use multi-factor authentication, MFA, when logging in. You therefore need to activate MFA. Read about MFA and how to activate it here!

After downloading a *. Iso or *. Img file, you can create a CD / DVD disc from the downloaded image and install the software on your computer. You can also mount the image in a virtual CD / DVD player as MagicDisc, Viritual CloneDrive.

Product key is missing or do you need a new one?

According to the agreement with Microsoft, the University cannot disclose any product keys.

If you have used a product key and need a new one, you can request it through the Microsoft Imagine interface. You can't request product keys directly from the University. If you request a key through Microsoft Imagine, the University system will get the necessary information needed to issue a new key.

If you want to request a new product key, follow these steps:

  1. Please log in.

  2. Click the Software button.

  3. Now click on My software in the left menu.

  4. You'll see a list of all the programs you've downloaded.

  5. Find the software in the list and click on download.

  6. The system recognizes if you have used your product key.

    a) If the product key is used up, you will see the button Request Additional Download. Click on it and you'll get to a form where you can re-select the software and you must submit some additional information.

    b) If the product key is not used, you will not see the button Request Additional downloads. Instead, you will see a product key or the text the product key is not required.