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Från vänster: Alexander framför lärosätets logotyp. En del av campus. Alexander.
From left: Alexander in front of the school’s logo. A part of the campus. Alexander.

Reflecting on his stay in Italy, Alexander expresses that "the time here has been among the happiest and most rewarding experiences in a long time."

Alexander recalls – sprinting down the beaches of Sicily after he and his friends climbed Mount Etna, laying at a beach in Switzerland casually enjoying the sun in October, watching the sunset in Corniglia after exploring the different towns of Cinque Terre, speaking Italian with newfound friends. The list goes on and on… “But my absolute favorite memory must be the first day in Castellanza when I met those who I now consider my close friends.”

Experiencing a different culture

Italy was a familiar destination to Alexander, still living there came with some surprises. "The biggest surprise was realizing how laidback everything is. 'Dolce far niente,' the sweetness of doing nothing, is a concept I'll always carry with me. This experience made me grow very fond of the overall Italian lifestyle and its different values.”

The journey was not devoid of challenges… With the notorious lack of punctuality in public transport and the discipline required for financial management topping Alexanders list.

Leaving Italy

As Alexander bids farewell, he fondly remembers “having friends as neighbors, eating Italian food, aperitivo, traveling during the weekends, speaking Italian, the warmer climate and partying with all the other students.”

Practical guidance for aspiring exchange students

Alexanders endorsement for embarking on a similar venture is compelling: " It’s hard to grasp the idea of what an exchange can offer you until you get to experience it yourself. Knowing how amazing my exchange has been, I would always encourage others to do it."

"Just do it, and if you don’t like it – at least you know it isn’t for you, and you can always go back home. On the other hand, it can also be one of the greatest things you’ve ever experienced. Plus, you might never get the chance to do something like this again so try to make the most of it! And lastly, ENJOY! Life is meant to be enjoyed."