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Exploring emerging interaction technologies for innovative and sustainable digitalization. By mixing the real with the virtual, by balancing human intelligence with artificial, and by letting human capabilities and well-being guide our design processes, we identify new ways and places for learning and doing.

Current application areas and projects

Industrial Work-Integrated Learning: Weld VR. Partners: . Funding: .

Industrial operator support for assembly: Tillverka i Trä. Partners: . Funding: EU regional fund.

Industrial operator support for machine restart: Restart II. Partners: Husqvarna AB, Sansera AB, Maintmaster AB. Funding: KK foundation.

Subtle visual guidance in AR for assembly tasks. Partner: Rochester Institute of Technology. Funding: STINT.

AI for subtle visual guidance i social AR game: Situation Awareness-based Attention Guidance. Partner: Malmö University. Funding: Crafoord Foundation.

Exploration of hiring discrimination and possibilities for intervention through eye-tracking. Partners: Malmö University, Lund University. Funding: Swedish Science Foundation.