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Woman in yellow clothing"The Volvo Group strives for sustainable transport solutions that will shape the world we want to live in. It is a significant and important task, and in it, we face increasing complexity in our supply chain with larger variation and growing range of parts. This requires a lean mindset and an end-to-end perspective. We need to create sustainable processes in our factories while giving equal consideration to what happens before and after the production of future trucks. We need to think in terms of process flow."

"We sometimes joke that ‘Production is all about logistics,' but we are entirely serious about the fact that competence in how to achieve effective process flows is crucial in this transformative journey. Equally important is leadership and creating a (self)learning organization ready to meet a world in rapid and constant change."

"It is a significant and essential transformation towards sustainable transport solutions, and we look forward to it. Because we want to contribute to shaping the world we want to live in."