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One of the main reasons Helen chose to apply for university West was because she was interested in our Master in IT and Management. Helen had a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science before, but had a desire to advance her knowledge further.

-I worked in the administration department of a bank for 4 years. But it was hard to get an IT related job. That’s why I still had the desire to advance my knowledge in IT.

Helen finds the courses to be well balanced with both theoretical and practical elements and says that the method of Work-Integrated Learning, which the programme is based on, is a good way to also gain practical experience.

-Work-Integrated Learning creates opportunities for me as a student to test the theoretical knowledge I have gained in class in practice, which I believe makes learning easier. The programme also has very qualified lecturers, Helen says.

Besides the programme, Helen says she enjoys the campus life here in Trollhättan very much. The campus is located in the city center which makes it easy to access everything.

 -There is peace, order, and calm everywhere. The environment is so beautiful and well preserved. Shops are close to the apartments and the people are kind. Being here in Trollhätan feels like home.

When she’s not studying Helen often goes for a walk around the town, meets up with friends and takes part in the Student Café every Tuesday where students can gather to eat sweets, drink coffee and learn Swedish. Helen says she really loves fika, not just because she gets to enjoy delicious food but also because she gets to interact with lots of people with different backgrounds.

As for the future Helen has big plans and wants to gain as much knowledge as possible.

-I want to gain much more knowledge in IT, enhance my skills and fit into the global job market. It’s going to be hard, but I believe with the Work-Integrated Learning in this programme, it will be possible.