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What makes this programme different from other master’s programmes?

This programme is unique in several ways. The programme is a genuine international collaboration between University West and University of the Western Cape, where senior academics from Sweden, South Africa work together in the programme. Grounded in the multi-disciplinary field of Work Integrated Learning (WIL), the programme focuses on  political studies, including important questions such as migration, segregation, human rights, equality, environment, poverty, democracy, and conflicts, embedded in new ways of creating learning, knowledge and skills.

Why this programme?

Apart from providing a master’s degree that enables you to apply for doctoral studies in Wiork Integrated Learning and other fields,  the programme also give a unique international education which combines theoretical knowledge with relevant skills. The programme, conducted in close collaboration civil society, also provides you with experience and networks relevant for the future work market in national and international organisations, public institutions, companies as well as NGO’s.

For which students could this be an interesting programme?

The programme is interesting for all students interested in issues of political-economic challenges and development, from local to international level. The programme gives you the opportunity to do your master's thesis in form of a one-year research work internship with selected organisations in Sweden and South Africa.