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Why did you choose the Master in Manufacturing Engineering at University West?

I was determined to broaden my horizons in the manufacturing industry as I had 4 years of experience in this particular field. The diverse cultures and student city appealed to me as well since I hail from a humble background, therefore, having an affordable lifestyle in this specific city drew me to apply to this university. The facilities and opportunities that the university provides for students really attracted my attention.

The fact that Sweden is one of the world's leading countries in the areas of academic research and innovation, has served to deepen my interest in attending. When I read the information about the programme, I saw that University West is in close cooperation with industrial companies and the Production Technology Centre (PTC), one of the largest and newest manufacturing laboratories in Sweden.

How did you experience your studies at University West?

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend several seminars as well as make industry visits. As an audio-visual learner this really accelerated my learning curve. During my studies I spent a lot of time working on hands-on projects at the Production Technology Center (PTC). PTC offered substantial opportunities for networking, which has opened some doors for me. I challenge future students to seize opportunities such as these to make lasting impressions on companies by conducting top-notch projects and experiments to stand out in the pool of prospective materials engineers!

How would you describe student life?

Aside from being diverse, life as a student in a laid-back city is conducive to habitation. All, if not most, social amenities are within the city or a bus ride away. There are some affordable shops i.e. general household stores and second-hand shops that are student friendly, hence making the cost of living bearable in one of the countries with the strongest economy in Europe.

I am a little nerdy when it comes to speed, therefore, I immerse myself into the fascinating world of Formula One. One of the key indicators that I needed to be in this field is the precision in which components are produced via additive manufacturing and analyzed with Finite Element Analysis, which is right up my alley! I am also passionate about the arts, so during my downtime, I indulge in lots of Renaissance films as well as the simple art of guitar playing.

What are your future plans?

My competence in the manufacturing field will enable me to explore the endless possibilities in high-performance metals, which is the area my master’s thesis is based on. To be aligned with an international company in this industry that promotes innovation and infrastructural success would propel me to achieve self-actualization as well as my professional goals.