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We built our first hybrid classroom back in 2019, and since then, we have constructed 10 more. Over these years, we have discussed the functions and solutions of hybrid classrooms with teachers and students. This feedback, along with the desire for new features, has led to various generations of hybrid classrooms. We are now addressing these variations by upgrading our older classrooms to match the current standard. This work will continue until Christmas.

Updated guides on how to use the hybrid classrooms can be found on the Akademus website. If you wish for a walkthrough or a refresher on how the technology in the hall works, you can book a session in the form of an ICT hour. Book your ICT hour here.

Examples of updates:

  • The naming of cameras and settings will be in English.
  • The ability to switch images between the main and side screens.
  • Same color theme for the control panel.
  • A single side screen for digital participants instead of two