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New User Role - Examinator (Examiner)

To facilitate for students and to clarify responsibilities, the Examiner role has been created. The Examiner role is based on the Course Leader role and has similar permissions. If the Course Leader and Examiner roles are held by the same person, they will automatically only have the Course Leader role in Canvas. If it's necessary to clarify that the person is also an Examiner, this must be manually added in the course.

Combined Reading Courses - New Course Codes

Courses with different course codes that are read together will now have a common course code. For example, if the courses GLA100 and BVA100 are combined, the common course code will be _ _A100, where the common letter and number combinations are retained, and the non-common characters are replaced with underscores. Each course can be given a nickname if desired, which can be done in Canvas Dashboard on the course card's submenu (3 dots in the upper right corner).

New Features in Canvas Courses

  • Course plans and literature lists now have separate headings in the Course Information module. This is aimed at increasing clarity, particularly for combined reading courses that have multiple course plans and reading lists.
  • Discussions and Announcements have been redesigned. Read more about the changes here.
  • New Analytics, a new analytics tool to measure student activity in courses, has now been installed. Watch a demonstration video about New Analytics here.

Upcoming in Spring: New Quizzes

The implementation of Canvas's new quiz tool, New Quizzes, will begin in the spring. More information about this will be provided in the coming weeks.