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Erik Malmsköld presented his thoughts regarding when it is appropriate to use generative AI to create images and when it might be unwise. During the seminar, we also witnessed a demonstration in which we generated images using the tools Microsoft CoPilot and OpenAI DALL-E via ChatGPT-4.


The video provides an overview of the presentation from the lunch seminar. The services discussed for generating images were: Microsoft CoPilot, DALL-E, Adobe Firefly, Meta AI, Midjourney and Google Gemini.



This film demonstrates how we proceed to prompt images in two different tools.

To "prompt images" refers to the process of creating a detailed description or instruction that an image-generating AI, such as DALL·E, uses to produce an image. This description, known as a "prompt," contains specific details about what the image should depict, including subject, environment, style, colors, and any special effects or emotions that the image should convey."