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The Link Validation tool goes through all linked materials in your Canvas course and checks if the link is working for the student. It could be a link to a page in another course or a video that is not properly published in the course, that the link validation detects. Unfortunately, link validation doesn't find all incorrect links, but it is a good help along the way.

Here's how:

Click on Settings. You will now find Validate Links in Content in the column to the right.

Find Linkvalidation in the menu
Start link validation. It may take a little while, but you don't need to wait on the page during that time.

Start link validation
You will receive a list of links that don´t work, a brief explanation of what the issue might be, and a direct link to the page where the link is published. After you've updated the link, you can Restart link validation to ensure everything is now okay.

Contact the ICT educational developers at Akademus if you have any questions.