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Canvas has long been working on a replacement for the quiz tool in Canvas. The new tool is called New Quizzes, and the old ones are now referred to as Classic Quizzes. No date has been set for when Classic Quizzes will be discontinued.

You will primarily see the change when you create or copy a quiz, as you will have the option to choose between New Quizzes or Classic Quizzes.

Examples of news and changes in New Quizzes:

  • Four new question types
  • Management of question banks
  • User-friendliness - for both teachers and students
  • Better options for formatting text and inserting images
  • Randomization of question order
  • A time gap between attempts
  • Customization based on the latest attempt

To facilitate the transition, Classic Quizzes can be migrated to New Quizzes. After migration, the quiz needs to be reviewed, and any necessary adjustments made.

If you wish to transition to New Quizzes, you can book a workshop. Initially, we will conduct workshops until midsummer, starting on April 8th. For workshops in English contact

Canvas Guides on New Quizzes

Questions: Contact the ICT educators at