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- Our 30th anniversary celebration is a chance to reminiscence. We can look back on all the people we have reached and whose lives we have changed. On our involvement in society and how we have become part of it. On how our education and research are top class. It is impossible not to be happy and proud of the university we have become, says Vice-Chancellor Martin Hellström.

Over the years, the university has educated tens of thousands of students and PhD:s. Today, the university has 675 employees from initially being around 40. The university also attract guest researchers from over 20 different countries and students from all over the world apply for the university's programs.

Change of plans

Due to the Corona pandemic, the conditions for celebration have changed significantly. It is not possible to carry out the open events that were planned.

- Of course it feels sad not being able to celebrate and open up the university to the public that was planned. However, the most important thing this year has been to contribute to reducing the spread of the virus and take our social responsibility, says Kristina Sandström, Event coordinator at University West.

Kristina Sandström continues and tells about some of the activities that still will happen:

- We have had to change direction of most things we planned but because of that I’m a bit extra happy for the things we can do. For example, our 30th anniversary film that are released today and soon an anniversary magazine is ready for distribution. I am especially happy about our new work of art on campus - a graffiti wall that will hopefully be a lasting legacy of our first 30 years.

Foto på graffitimålning på en vägg innepå campus. Motivet är texten Högskolan Väst.

A new piece of art at campus - a graffiti wall made by Marcus Hank Tollbom.