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- The most popular programs are Manufacturing Engineering and Robotics & Automation, but also International Business and Finance, says Tomas Bengtsson, responsible for international student recruitment at the University West.

In total, University West offers 12 master's programs to international students, in a broad area such as robotics, finance, economics and children and youth studies. In recent years, the university has made a conscious effort both in increasing the number of programs and activities to reach the world with the offer.

- We are in a strong development curve even though we start at modest levels compared to some other Swedish universities. But an increase from just over 200 last year to just over 300 is really good, says Tomas Bengtsson.

Tomas Bengtsson is particularly pleased that 60 percent more applicants have applied to the University West as their number one choice. Most of the number of admissions to coming autumn come from India, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Offensive recruiting

In addition to prospective students in the EU, recruitment work is primarily aimed at young people in India, Nigeria, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil and Uganda.

- In those countries, there are plenty of students who want to study abroad and we have a well-functioning network of agents and other partners, says Tomas Bengtsson.

Webinars, Facebook and agents

Inspiring webinars, a newly launched English Facebook page and increased collaboration with on-site marketing agents in the selected countries are some of the efforts made.

- Webinar is an effective way to market our English-language education to target groups of interest to the university. It is an easy way to organize a seminar on the web where we can interact with participants all over the world in a sustainable way. This saves many trips, says Tomas Bengtsson.

The content of a webinar can be about how it works to study at University West and about the student city of Trollhättan. Or about the university's unique WIL profile and working life connection and how it permeates the education. They are also about how students are received and given help in the beginning.

Tomas Bengtsson, University West,, +4670699 39 18