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Students arriving at the event venue.

Last week, the Your Future Career Day event took place at the Innovatum District. A pilot project where engineering students at University West got the opportunity to meet technology companies in Trollhättan - AFRY, Combitech, GKN Aerospace and T-engineering. Companies that are in constant need of new employees with the right skills.

"The event was a concrete way to connect students and companies" says Mattias Ottosson, development engineer at University West. "Many students took the opportunity to talk to the company representatives, discuss possible career paths, traineeships, and degree projects. There was a great buzz at the venue."

Living and working in Trollhättan

Many of those who study at master's level at University West are international students, who have come to Trollhättan from all parts of the world. To reach them, the entire event was held in English.

Skill supply is an important issue for tech companies and the city, therefore it is important that as many students as possible want to establish themselves in Trollhättan, after their studies. So, in addition to the technology companies, the property company Kraftstaden, The Swedish Public Employment Service in Trollhättan and the City of Trollhättan were also present during Your Career Day. To talk about Trollhättan as a place to live and work. In particular, attractive accommodation and the proximity to both work and nature was highlighted.

The response has been positive

"Both students and companies have expressed that it was a very interesting day, where many contacts were made" says Mattias Ottosson. "Hopefully, the students now feel more excited and motivated and that they know better what their future work life might entail."

Your Future Career Day was organized by University West, The Swedish Public Employment Service in Trollhättan, AFRY, Combitech, GKN Aerospace, Kraftstaden, T-Engineering and the City of Trollhättan. The parties will now evaluate the pilot project.

Mattias Ottosson says that he is very satisfied with the event and that the students have expressed that they would like to see more similar activities in the future as well.

He concludes by saying that there are many more companies that want to participate and meet the university's students. Although this year the event was conducted with a limited number of companies, there are hopes to grow it next time.