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The visiting professors are Shrikant Joshi from India, Juei-feng Tu from the United States and Antonio Ancona from Italy.

– Since Sweden reduced funding for production technology research 20 years ago, and because of retirements at many institutions, it's difficult to recruit professors from Sweden to the production area, says Per Nylén, head of the research environment Production Technology West, PTW, at University West.

Antonio Ancona thinks it's a advantage that PTW works closely with the industry in their research:
– I think it's important that researchers take on the problems that can result in benefits for both the academy and the surrounding community. And it's stimulating to work closely to the industry, to share experiences and resources, says Ancona.

More top researchers to come

Today there are a handful of international visiting professors in the research environment PTW and there are more to come during 2016, for instance from universities in Scotland and Germany.
– It's very valuable to establish sustainable research partnerships with international universities and institutes, says Per Nylén.

Footnote: PTW works on the development of production processes in the manufacturing industry and has approximately 70 active researchers. Focus areas are Flexible Industrial Automation, Machining and Metal Forming, Thermal Spraying and Welding Technology.