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Participants at the conference Swedish Arena for AM of Metals 2024

The Swedish Arena for Additive Manufacturing of Metals is a national forum that gathers Swedish organizations engaged in additive manufacturing, both academia and industries. Every year the Arena arranges an academic conference which gathers Sweden’s leading researchers and doctoral students in additive manufacturing (AM) to present and listen to new research in the field. University West is hosting this year's conference in collaboration with KTH, Linköping University, Luleå University, Chalmers University of Technology, and Swerim.

“This year's program provides both width and depth within this technology sector. About 15 PhD students present parts of their thesis works. In addition, leading AM researchers from Sweden's universities and research institutes present new research findings, and we get insights into GKN Aerospace's state-of-the-art experiences using additive manufacturing," says Robert Pederson.

“The conference is also an excellent opportunity for new and established researchers to network and exchange experiences. This often leads to ideas which can render into new research projects and collaborations.”

Technology with many advantages

Additive manufacturing of metals is used to produce a variety of products, ranging from custom built medical products such as implants to large structural components in aircraft engines. The technology involves building up a product layer by layer by using metal powder or metal wire.

The advantages and possibilities of additive manufacturing are significant and varied. The technology is seen as a crucial part of the next generation of industrial production where sustainability requirements are high. The manufacturing method provides more efficient use of materials and shorter lead times compared to conventional manufacturing methods.

Cutting-edge research in AM

University West has been conducting research in metal-based additive manufacturing for nearly 20 years and has expertise in how metals like titanium, nickel, and stainless steel can be used for this type of manufacturing method.

“Hosting this year's conference at the University West allows us to showcase our AM research and our well-equipped research environment, the Production Technology Center.”


Swerim supports the Swedish Arena for Additive Manufacturing of Metals – a network for collaboration with the goal of increasing implementation and accelerating sustainable industrialization. Read more: Läs mer!