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University West works actively with the recruitment of international students. The efforts are especially focused on recruiting students to ten second cycle programmes as well as one internationally oriented, first cycle program. Most of the students will study courses in economics and IT, but this year has also seen an increase in the number of engineering students – from 10 to 40 students.   

The bulk of the students come from Europe (Germany, France, Spain, etc.) within the framework of the Erasmus exchange programme. But there are also students from countries outside Europe, like China and India. And for the first time ever, a student from Japan is enrolled at University West. 

Introduction Days and IKEA
International students were given a special welcome during two Introduction Days. They were welcomed by vice chancellor Martin Hellström, given a tour of the campus and shown how to access things like their schedules, IT-systems and the library. The purpose was to show international students all they need to know to ease their transition to studying in Sweden.

The Student Union at University West also played a key part in the Introduction Days. They arranged a trip to IKEA in Uddevalla, which was appreciated by the international students.

- The trip to IKEA has two purposes. Students need to buy things for their apartments but visiting IKEA is also part of Swedish culture. Many of the international students have heard about IKEA but never been there, so this was a fun and useful trip, said Martin Larsson, head of enterprise issues at the Student Union.

Meet some of the IKEA shoppers here

Text: Christina Axelsson/Stefan Kudryk
Photo: Margareta Valdemarsdotter