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African universities visiting University West

Joint lectures online, exchanges of guest lecturers, student and teacher exchanges, collaboration with industrial companies and joint research projects. These are some examples of planned collaboration activities between University West, University of Buea, Kyambogo University and Dedan Kimathi University of Technology.

Four representatives from three African universities visited University West at the end of October. They were introduced to the university's educational offerings and research in production technology, in order to strengthen the collaboration between the partner universities. The program also included study visits at the company ESAB in Gothenburg, the Saab Car Museum and the Production Technology Center in Trollhättan.

“We are working long-term to create a more international range of programs at both basic level and advanced level. Our collaboration can hopefully contribute to more African students becoming interested in University West’s profile in both education and research. With a more international study and research environment, we create understanding and knowledge between different cultures”, says Per Nylén, Professor of University West.

“The meeting was really interesting. Being able to meet representatives from three different African higher education institutions and gain insight into their goals and conditions for cooperation creates a good basis for developing our cooperation with Africa”, says Per Nylén.

University West works continuously to develop international contacts. Today we collaborate with more than 130 universities and institutions of higher education all over the world, collaborations which continuously develop and increase. It should be possible for all students and employees to experience some form of intercultural contact or activity. The university therefore strives to increase the opportunity of exchange between different countries in the world for teachers, students, researchers and administrative staff.

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