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Masters Program  in Child and Youth Studies:
Part-time 2 years

The Master’s program in Child and Youth Studies is an online (distance learning) and part-time (50%) degree program which is completely taught in English. The program is available as a 2-year (60 HE credits) program. 

Throughout the program, the learning, develop­ment, and conditions of children and young peo­ple are studied in different settings, such as school, family and local communities, and in different cul­tural and national contexts. The program is based on the idea that children are active and competent agents in their own lives, and that they are both in­fluenced by and influencing their social worlds.

As the social worlds of children and youth are growing, due to issues such as globalization, migra­tion, and social media, these issues are addressed in up-to-date courses throughout the program.

The Child- and Youth Studies program is multidisciplinary, combining knowledge from vari­ous disciplines such as sociology, social work, psy­chology, and education, among others. That means that knowledge about children and youth from dif­ferent perspectives and professions is integrated in order to deepen and broaden our understanding. The aim of the programs is to provide the theo­retical, methodological, and practical tools to par­ticipate in, develop, promote, and improve activi­ties and interventions aimed at children and youth.

During the program your competence increases in terms of design of and carrying out empirical re­search, ending with you conducting an independ­ent study in child- and youth studies.

Why study Master in Child and Youth Studies at University West?

  •  A unique international and multi-disciplinary master’s degree programme in the field of Child and Youth Studies
  • A part-time, online programme, making it possible to study when it suits you (and combine work and studies)
  • An international learning environment with students and staff from all over the world
  • The possibility of studying at another universi­ty, in your country of residence or abroad
  • A valuable MA degree that opens doors to both further studies / research and a careerwhere you work strategically with issues related to children and young people, both in Sweden and abroad


Master of Arts (MA, 60 or 120 credits) with a major in Child and Youth Studies

Entry requirements

  • BA/BSc in education or nursing, 180 credits, or
  • Bachelor’s degree, 180 credits with a major in for example, social work and social pedagogy, psychology, pedagogics, sociology, culture studies or public health or the equivalent
  • The equivalent of English studies at the upper secondary (high school) level in Sweden, called English 6 or English B.


September 2020

Tuition fees

50,000 SEK (approx. € 4,650) per year


Jonas Hallberg

Jonas Hallberg Senior Lecturer Filosofie doktor i psykologi