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Our research projects

Our collaborative Research projects


Many projects are getting financial support through external funding. Here are some exampels:

National Public Research Financier

Swedish Research Council

International Research Financier 

National Institute of Health (NIH)


Children´s Welfare Foundation Sweden
Majblomman ("mayflower")

Authorities on a National Level

National Agency for Education
The Public Health Agency of Sweden

Authorities on a Regional Level

Ale Municipality
Campus Västervik
Dals-Ed Municipality
Fyrbodal Association of Local Authorities
Grästorp Municipality
Jönköping Municipality
Kungälv Municipality
Lidköping Municipality
Lysekil Municipality
Länsförsäkringar Alliance
Orust Municipality
Stenungsund Municipality
Trollhättan Stad
Uddevalla Municipality
Vara Municipality
Vänersborg Municipality
Västra Götaland County
Åmål Municipality