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Antonio Ancona

Antonio Ancona

Professor PTC


Staff member at Division of Industrial automation. Conducts research in engineering and technology, production technology.

Research area/Research interest

Experimental investigation of high power laser material processing, with particular interest for welding.

Development of hybrid sensing systems, mainly based on optical and spectroscopic sensors, for real-time monitoring and closed loop control of laser based production processes.

Laser micromachining and micro/nanostructuring of metals, semiconductors and dielectrics based on pico-femtosecond laser ablation. The main area of interest are: micro-drilling and micro-milling of metals, micro-joining of transparent materials, laser texturing of metal surfaces to enhance their tribological properties, laser synthesis of nano-antomicrobials by laser ablation in liquids, ablation with bursts of ultrashort pulses.


Presently, supervisor of n.3 Physics PhD students at the University of Bari and n.1 post-doc fellow at the CNR-Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies in Bari.


Laser welding, plasma optical spectroscopy, closed loop control, laser ablation, laser micro/nano processes, ultrafast laser technology.


Publications by Antonio Ancona can be found in Google Scholar.