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Livia Norström

Livia Norström

Head of Division

Egen titel: I235


Staff member at Division of Informatics. Conducts research in social sciences, workintegrated learning, informatics.

Livia Norström is an assistant professor at the School of Business, Economics, and IT, University West, Sweden. She received her Ph.D. in Information Systems from University West in 2019. Livia''''s research focuses on digitalization in organizations and work, with a special emphasis on emerging practices, change, and transformational processes. She is particularly interested in the role of technology in design, sustainable development, and identity dynamics at individual and organizational levels. Livia is the program manager for the international master program Work Integrated Sustainable Development and the bachelor program Digital Media. She has 14 years of experience in teaching Information Systems, Design, and Sustainable Development courses at the BSc and MSc levels.

Recent publications:

Asatiani, A., & Norström, L. (2023). Information systems for sustainable remote workplaces. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems32(3), 101789.

Lindquist, M., Norstrom, L., & Lindman, J. (2023). Need-Solution Pairing and the Role of Emerging Technology in a Public Sector Innovation Process. In European Conference on Information Systems, ECIS, Kristiansand June 11-14 2023.

Norström, L., Magnusson, J., & Mankevich, V. (2022). The Great Divide: Empirical Evidence of a Decoupling of Digital Transformation and Sustainability. In International Conference on Electronic Participation (pp. 73-88). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland. 

All publications: