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Her curiosity and the opportunity to gain further education and specialization was what led Elena to discover the one-year program in cybersecurity at University West. "I wanted to explore Sweden and Norway. However, since I had completed my bachelor's by then, I thought, 'Why not do the master's abroad?”

Coming from a background in telematics engineering, Elena was eager to delve into the world of cybersecurity — a field that was new to her but incredibly intriguing. She found the program in Sweden to be the perfect opportunity to expand her knowledge and to contribute to the industry's ongoing research efforts. As she shares, "In my bachelor's, we didn't study cybersecurity. So, for me, it was completely new. I thought, 'Let's try something new. Let's explore this area.’ It feels like the future."

An ever-relevant topic

So why did Elena choose University West for her master's studies? Elena explains, "I thought that the short duration was great, because I was not sure if I wanted to continue studying or start working. So, one year was the perfect timing." The program's duration allowed Elena the flexibility to explore further academic pursuits or transition into the workforce.

University West's program has a broad range of training in areas such as cyber physical systems security, cyber risk assessment, penetration testing, digital forensics, and cloud security. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to address the industry's evolving demands. “It's interesting to think about how to detect and analyze patterns, especially with the emerging technologies,” Elena says. “Right now, there are so many attacks to companies. So, it's a topic that is very current and all companies know about it. It's needs a lot more research.”

As Elena envisions her future, she sets her sights on pursuing cybersecurity jobs, leveraging her background in networks and programming. The ever-evolving nature of the field, the constant need for research and innovation, and the pressing demand for cybersecurity specialists offer exciting career prospects.

From a metropolis to Trollhättan

Coming from the bustling metropolis of Madrid, she found solace in the smaller, cozier atmosphere of Trollhättan. She cherishes the proximity to nature, the joy of engaging in outdoor activities like kayaking, and the ease of getting around by bike. While shopping may require a trip to Gothenburg or a nearby mall, Elena's love for nature and the friendly community she found in Trollhättan compensates for any minor inconveniences.

Balance between academic focus and personal enjoyment is key to a well-rounded student experience. Elena emphasizes the importance of socializing and spending time with friends, whether it be playing games, going for a run, or participating in international dinners with fellow students.

As a final note, Elena shares her appreciation for the life she built during her time in Sweden, stating, "It's one year, a lot of time to get used to a place." The routines, friendships, and personal growth that come with this transformative experience become cherished memories and a foundation for a successful future.