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One of the many reasons Luigia chose to apply to this University was because University West is the only University that offers the International Bachelor Programme in Politics and Economics (IPPE) in English. Moreover, she feels that University West is a very prestigious university which hosts students from different cultures and backgrounds. The staff also contributes tirelessly to making everyone feel at home.

Luigia tells us she has a big passion for economics, people, and different cultures. The main reason why she applied to IPPE was because the programme offers a mix between international relations, politics, and economics.

-I am a polyglot, so I am truly interested in languages, people, and different cultures. This programme offers everything I love and want to work with in the future.

According to Luigia, the programme has far exceeded her expectations she had prior to moving to Sweden and starting this programme. She tells us she feels very lucky to be studying at University West as not everyone has the opportunity to study in higher education.

- What keeps me motivated each day is the fact that I really am proud and lucky I am for getting the opportunity to continue my education, especially being able to do so at the amazing University West.

For Luigia, her time here so far has been wonderful. She loves her classmates, professors, university staff, and feels like they all are amazing people. The people at University west had really made her feel like she’s in the right place to follow her dreams.

- I had the chance to attend two courses until now: social science and political philosophy, and I can honestly say that I have been enjoying every single lecture.

Luigia explains that in addition to the wonderful university environment and the nice people, the city of Trollhättan offers a good student life with lots of activities.

-When I am not studying, I spend time at the gym, I read some books at the university’s library, or take small trips around to get to know Sweden better.

When she is asked about the future, she tells us that she has big plans and is 100% sure the studies at University West can help her reach her goals.

-My time here is shaping my mind and personality, helping me to evolve into a better individual thanks to the education that I am receiving. My dreams for the future are big. But as for now I just would like to focus on my academic studies.