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Why did you apply to us at University West and why MSc in International Business?

I chose University West because of the practical aspects they add to every programme through the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) approach. This application of the theory studied in class helps to better prepare students for the working world and to help find solutions to real life issues after students graduate from the university. The positive reputation of University West is also one factor that influenced my decision to come and study here. The International Office was also very welcoming and informative during the information sessions they organized online prior to coming to Sweden. They helped with registrations, ID application and assist international students in finding accommodation.

Why did you apply to this programme?

I applied to the programme due to the clarity of the course description and the duration of the programme. I already have a background in International Business, so I thought this would be a perfect match to help me broaden my knowledge in this field.

Is it how you thought it would be?

Yes, the programme is exactly what I expected it to be, in terms of the courses, self-study and group works. The University in itself is very much organized, spacious and clean. The lecturers are always willing to help in case you need help or more clarification regarding any of the course programmes.

What is the most exciting you have done during the studies?

The most exciting thing I have done here is the opportunity made by University West to meet people from all walks of life. The University has a diverse student population, and this always helps to share new ideas and get to experience a little bit of every culture. The Student Union, Rotary and the University offers a Language Café that gives students the opportunity to practice their Swedish in smaller groups and meet new people too.

Can you describe the environment/culture at the university?

The university campus is easily accessible and easy to find your way around. It has all the necessary provisions you would need as a student such as a spacious library, cafeteria, private study rooms and a service center. The library organizes Fika moments where everyone is free to attend to have a typical Swedish Fika experience. People meet to socialize, talk and discuss about a wide range of subjects and interests.

Communication between lecturers and student is also very friendly. Lecturers even prefer to be called by their first names which is not common in a lot of countries. This explains how cordial and open the university atmosphere is.

What do you think about the student life in Trollhättan?

University West has a lot of student fraternities that you can join if you are interested. They organize a lot of events during the orientation days as well as during the whole academic year. As an international student at University West, you can also take part in Swedish classes which is organized on campus to learn and improve your Swedish.

Trollhättan is a small, beautiful city with amazing nature, ideal for adventurers and thrill seekers. Lots of things such as parks and sporting facilities are easily reachable by foot or by bicycles. For a bicycle rider, it is easy to get around because there are clear road demarcations for cyclists which make it safe to ride a bicycle. There are lots of cafes and restaurants in the city center. Besides that, Trollhättan has easy access by train to Gothenburg which is Sweden’s second biggest city. For travel junkies like me, Oslo is also just 2 hours and a half away and it’s also easily reachable by bus.

What are you doing when you are not studying?

When I am not studying, I try to have a walk in and around Trollhättan or visit different cities and towns in this west coast of Sweden. The nature of the country is amazing and mind-boggling. I read not long ago that almost 97% of the country is uninhabited and I am always intrigued to see the amount of importance Sweden attaches to sustainability and preservation of all this nature it has in abundance.

Tell us about your future plans?

I have big future plans and ambitions. I hope to work in an international environment where I can put into practice my working experiences and the knowledge I am gaining from studying here at University West. I am open to new adventures and therefore, I am not limiting myself in terms of where exactly I would like to work. Depending on the job offers I am going to get after completion of my programme, I could either continue to stay and work in Sweden, move abroad, or go back home. Nonetheless, I am very optimistic that I will be able to contribute positively and have an indelible impact wherever I might find myself in the future.

How do you think the studies here at University West and your programme can help you to reach your goals?

Due to the immersive learning approach the university has, I am very much certain that I will be very much prepared for the real world when I complete my studies here. My studies here have taught me to be an outside-of-the-box thinker, think of new ways to positively contribute to society, work towards finding solutions to complex societal challenges and issues. I know that with the expertise and knowledge I am gaining from studying at University West, I will literally have the world at my feet because I will open new opportunities and possibilities.