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What has been done?

In the sub-project, an educational strategy has been developed to provide teachers with good support during training in the Inspera system support. The trainings and strategy have been implemented for the teachers involved in the pilots during spring 2023 and subsequently evaluated. The training consists of a mandatory self-study course in Canvas followed by a workshop. In addition, guidance and ICT drop-ins will be offered to the teachers.

Two new workshops have been launched, one workshop to review course design: ABC workshop for course design. And a workshop that deals with AI and generative language models, for beginners.

What's coming up?

In the fall of 2024, an initiative was started for a podcast that will be launched at the beginning of 2024. The podcast is called Akademuspodden and deals with various higher education pedagogical issues and includes teachers at Högskolan Väst. The goal is to release a new episode per month with different themes.

Building new pages for AI and generative language models. A working group has been set up at Akademus, consisting of: ICT educators, teaching librarians, and writing tutors. Keep an eye on Akademus.


Project manager: Maria Nilsson
Project participant: Emma Norberger