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To develop the university’s sustainability efforts, a suitable organisation that is clearly anchored in the whole of our operations is required. This is done through a system of leadership that is clearly defined and with which everyone in the organization is familiar. Furthermore, in accordance with the Ordinance on Environmental Leadership in institutions of the Swedish state (209:907), the university should have an environmental leadership system that meets the requirements of this ordinance. The sustainability leadership system must therefore be shaped so that it meets these requirements.


  • The leadership system for sustainable development is integrated into University West’s overarching leadership system to ensure that University West’s operations contribute to sustainable development.
  • The university’s efforts toward sustainability are transparent and characterised by openness, where we through communication of good results as well as areas in need of improvement create the conditions for development both internally and together with other actors in the community.


  • Making decisions about and implementing policy as well as strategies for sustainable development, routines for planning and follow-up of the sustainability project and making decisions about the establishment of a Sustainability Board.
  • Putting forward a communication strategy for the area of sustainability.


  • The Vice Chancellor and the university’s management group are responsible for making decisions about policy, general university goals, and strategies for a sustainability project and for prioritising the achievement of these goals through strategic decisions put forward in the business plan
  • The University Director leads the administration’s work with support of planning, implementation, and follow-up of the university’s sustainability project.
  • Department and section heads are responsible for establishing goals for sustainability and plans of action for relevant areas of their efforts to achieve sustainability. They are also responsible for implementing and following up on activities as well as developing activities aimed at reaching the established goals.  


Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren

Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren Qualified Analyst