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Since last fall, Högskolan Väst has been testing the feedback tool FeedbackFruits, and the demo period has now been extended until August 2024. This means that courses in study periods 3 and 4 also have the opportunity to try it out. FeedbackFruits is integrated into Canvas and offers various features. The ones we have primarily explored so far are interactive documents and interactive videos. Next year, we will also test Peer Review and the Comprehension feature.

If you want to learn more about FeedbackFruits, there is a brief overview video available here.

On January 10th, ICT educators Caroline Anderson and Bitte Sjöholm will have a session with educators from FeedbackFruits:

8:30-9:15 Caroline and Bitte will cover interactive documents and interactive videos. (Swedish speaking)

9:30-10:30 Eva from FeedbackFruits (Swedish/Norwegian-speaking) will cover Peer Review, Comprehension, and answer questions.

The meeting will be in a hybrid format, allowing participation on campus or online. If you are interested, please register at and specify whether you will attend on campus or online. If you also want to try any of the tools in a course during the spring, talk to Bitte or Caroline after the meeting or contact

Very welcome!

If you would like a presentation of FeedbackFruits in English, please contact