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A demo exam is now being introduced in Inspera, where students have the opportunity to test the student view and familiarize themselves with the system before real exam occasions. This initiative aims to reduce stress and uncertainty before digital examinations. Teachers can also test the demo exam to familiarize themselves with the student view and see some of the possibilities offered in the system.

Parallel to this, the University is preparing to start the renovation of a new exam hall with 95 seats in Building B on floor 3. This effort is part of expanding and improving the digital examination opportunities for students. In total, the project will deliver 140 digital writing places and 15 places for students with special educational support.

During the autumn, pilot exams are ongoing at various departments. The project group has now, together with teachers, started to look at the possibilities of allowing a website to be accessed during the ongoing exam in the locked-down exam setting. This will be evaluated, and recommendations will be made. The project group has also initiated a dialogue with the Västervik campus to see if and how we can solve digital hall exams under similar conditions also for students in Västervik.


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