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Padlet, the popular collaborative platform for organizing ideas and sharing information, has just taken a significant step forward in user experience by launching a new and eagerly awaited feature: Slideshow. This feature will simplify presentations and make it even easier to share content with others in a visual and engaging manner.

The Slideshow feature retains the interactivity of Padlet boards. Users can still click on links, view images, and interact with the content just as they can when using Padlet as usual. Slideshow presentations can be easily shared with other users, making it simple to collaborate and provide feedback. Users can invite colleagues or students to collaborate in real-time.

If you're already a Padlet user, don't miss out on trying the new Slideshow feature and take your presentation to the next level. For those of you who haven't yet discovered Padlet, this could be a perfect opportunity to explore its features and its new Slideshow mode.

Here, you can sign up for your Padlet account and also schedule an ICT session if you need assistance in exploring Padlet as a tool.