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A lightboard is a kind of whiteboard with LED lights that allows teachers to write and draw while speaking to the camera, providing an interactive and visually stimulating learning experience for students.

You can use our lightboard in two ways, you can record your lectures and then share them with the students on Canvas, or you can use the lightboard studio in a Zoom meeting and conduct the lecture directly for the students who are present.

In a study shows that the use of a "lightboard" can be an effective way to create engaging educational material. In an article from the Journal of Chemical Education in 2020, the authors examined the effect of lightboards on students' learning and engagement in organic chemistry. The results showed that students who watched educational videos created with lightboards had higher levels of engagement and understanding than students who watched traditional whiteboard videos.

Link to the article:

Journal of Chemical Education - Adopting Lightboard for a Chemistry Flipped Classroom To Improve Technology-Enhanced Videos for Better Learner Engagement.

If you want to try using our lightboard studio, book an ICT hour with one of our ICT educational developers.

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