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This does not apply to the e-meetings in Canvas courses but can only be chosen in the e-meetings that one creates oneself. This encryption option can be chosen if one wants extended privacy and data protection for the e-meeting, as an extra layer to reduce risks and protect sensitive meeting content. When choosing this encryption, some features will be removed from the e-meeting, such as breakout rooms, polling, and the ability for users to join the e-meeting before the host. To verify that the e-meeting is encrypted in this way, a number of different digit combinations between the meeting participants are compared.

How to turn on encryption?

To encrypt your e-meeting, choose End-to-end encryption when creating it.

How do I know if the e-meeting is encrypted with E2EE?

Click on the green shield in the upper left corner of the e-meeting window. If the shield has a padlock on it, this indicates that the e-meeting is using E2EE encryption.

Click on Verify to verify that the e-meeting is encrypted with E2EE encryption.

To verify the e-meeting's encryption, the meeting host can read this code out loud, and all participants can check that their clients display the same code.