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Högskolepersonal visar PTW för studenter Högskolepersonal visar PTW för studenter

The Department of Engineering Science has five divisions 

  • Division of Industrial Engineering and Management, Electrical- and Mechanical Engineering
  • Division of Mathematics, Computer and Surveying Engineering
  • Division of Production Systems
  • Division of Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing
  • Division of Welding Technology

More information on programmes and courses offered to Swedish speaking students


All courses and programmes listed below are given in English. 1 HE (Higher Education credit) is equivalent to 1 ECTS credit.

One-year master's programmes (60 HE credits): 

 Two-year master's programmes (120 HE credits):

Course packages (offered to students from partner universities only):

Autumn semester

Automation and Product Development, 30 HE credits (undergraduate level)
Product development I, Automation technology, Product development II, Automation advanced course II

Computer Science Engineering, 30 HE credits (undergraduate level)
Advanced topics in computer engineering, Virtual servers and storage systems, Computer eengineering in practice, software development processes

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, 30 HE credits (graduate level)
Operations management, Advanced material sciences, Robot operating license, Robot systems, Advanced manufacturing processes I, Academic writing

Additive Manufacturing, 30 HE credit (graduate level) - Start Autumn 2020
Advanced material sciences, Surface engineering, Additive manufacturing, Advanced manufacturing processes, academic writing

Robotics and Automation, 30 HE credits (graduate level)
Operations management, Robot modelling, Robot certificate, Robot systems, Robot simulation, Scientific methods in robotics and automation

Spring semester

Production, 30 HE credits (undergraduate level)
Finite element method, Industrial production systems, CAD/CAE, Manufacturing processes

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, 30 HE credits (graduate level)
Advanced manufacturing processes, Welding processes, Welding metallurgy, Statistical process control and DOE

Robotics and Automation, 31.5 HE credit (graduate level)
Automation systems, Automation and robotics research, Robot certificate, simulation of automated production, Robot modelling II, Sensor technology


University West is authorized to issue Doctorate- and Licentiate degrees within three subject areas; Informatics with specialisation in work integrated learning (WIL), Education with specialisation in WIL - and Production Technology.

There are currently more than 30 ongoing research projects conducted by the department of engineering science in close collaboration with industry. The largest part of the research is conducted at Sweden's most modern production technological laboratory, the Production Technology Centre PTC.  

Production Technology West
PTC is jointly managed by Innovatum (a technical development center), University West and regional engineering industry.
Research Team Production Technology West works on the development of production processes in the manufacturing industry. The focus is in welding, machining, additive manufacturing in metals, thermal spraying (surface treatment), automation, inspection (NDT) and control.
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