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The present study investigates how fathers’ involvement develops over more than three decades, thus across a significantly larger part of the lifespan than in previous research. Our focus is on stability and change and how these aspects are related to “major life events”. In 2015 we again, for the 20th time met with the participants, this time when they were 33 years old (so far we have only had a handful of dropouts in the study). The results show, that there is a certain degree of stability over time in father involvement. Fathers who are highly involved early on seem to be so even later in life. The findings offer a deepened understanding of the struggles of trying to balance work and family, as well as salient issues pertaining to family relationships throughout the lifespan.

Participating researcher at Univerisity West

Philip Hwang

Other researchers

Michael E. Lamb
Ann Frisén

Project leader

Philip Hwang

External funding



2012 - 2026