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  • Work Integrated Learning
    The aim of the research group is to initiate, carry out and disseminate research into learning and knowledge relating to work. It deals with changing competences, for example. What is happening in the new working life today? What requirements are being placed on people's competences? What do we actually learn in our working lives? Work is defined broadly and covers various forms of work, both paid and unpaid.
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  • Child and Youth studies
    There is extensive ongoing research at University West in the field of Child and Youth Studies. Over fifty researchers are active in the field and they are joined in a research centre since the spring of 2011. Here both their own collaboration and collaboration with external partners can be developed.
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  • Production Technology
    The research Team Production Technology West is doing research mainly in the following fields: flexible Industrial Automation, machining and metal forming, thermal spraying, welding technology. There is a close collaboration between Production Technology West and the manufacturing industry. The work is facilitated by a well-equipped research laboratory.
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