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Through the project R & D resources have been coordinated and resulted in a start for appropriate business oriented research and common strong international competitiveness.

Main activities in the project have been:

  • Joint research plans in selected areas
  • Execution of joint research
  • Common applications mainly within national research programs
  • Development of academic and industrial research networks 

Within the selected research areas Automation, Machining, Thermal Spray and Quality Assured Welded Structures & Additive Manufacturing, following results have been achieved during the project:

New R& D networks
Goal (after 2+2 years): 4
Status(after 2 years): 6*

Common  scientific publications (Chalmers, HV)
Goal (after 2+2 years): 20
Status(after 2 years): 12

New common national research applications (most in cooperation with regional industry)
Goal (after 2+2 years): 7
Status(after 2 years): 3

New common international research applications
Goal (after 2+2 years): 3
Status(after 2 years): 1

Companies involved in research projects as a result of PROSAM
Goal (after 2+2 years): 8
Status(after 2 years): 10

Goal (after 2+2 years): 14
Status(after 2 years): 2

Additional scientific publications
Goal (after 2+2 years): 30
Status(after 2 years): ~15

In December 2014 and Jan 2016 result seminars were given and the intention is to continue the project in a second phase during 2016-2017.

 Strategic research cooperation

The research cooperation between University West and Chalmers has an overall aim in establishing new research areas where the combination of expert knowledge in each university has been the foundation to the common areas. The additive manufacturing area has exploded in interest and will be developed further in other arenas. One example is recently initiated The Swedish Arena for Metal Additive Manufacturing, where Chalmers and University West are key partners together with SWERA IFV and SWERA Kimab.
 The corrosion surface treatment area has been initialized during the last part of the PROSAM project and is intended to be further developed during the subsequent two years of the project.

Chalmers expert research area

  • Materials technology
  • Geometry tolerance design in welded structures
  • Geometry and motion planning
  • Automation
  • Non-organic Chemistry

University West expert area

  • Suspension plasma spray  (SPS) process for thermal barrier coatings
  • Machining process with high pressure cooling
  • Welding processes
  • Control and monitoring of welding processes
  • Automation & optimization in production processes
  • Thermal Spray metal based processes

Common research area (under construction)

  • Design and Control of properties in SPS surface treatment
  • Design and Control of surface properties and tool wear in machining of NI-based alloys
  • Quality assurance in welded structures
  • Robot based additive manufacturing based on welding methods
  • Energy optimization in production processes
  • Design and control of properties in thermal spray  based high temperature corrosion surface treatment

The collaboration has also involved and developed several new industrial networks, regional as well as national and international. Companies that are involved in the different research activities in the University West/Chalmers common research areas are:

Machining: GKN, Sandvik, Seco Tools, Brogrens,
Automation: Volvo Cars, KUKA Robots, BINAR
Thermal Spray (Cermic and Metal coatings): Treibacher, Innovnano, Mettech, GKN (Sew & UK), Siemens (Swe and UK), Nasa, Boeing, Turbocoating (It), etc.
Welding structures: GKN, Brogrens, Permanova

Additive Manufacturing: GKN; VA Automotive, Swepart Tools, Lihds Verktyg 

Research Area

  • Teknik
  • Produktionsteknik

Research environment / Institution

  • Produktionsteknik
  • Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Research Partner

  • Chalmers tekniska högskola
  • GKN
  • Sandvik Materials Technology
  • Volvo Cars
  • Siemens
  • Brogren Industries
  • PERMANOVA Lasersystem

Research funding

  • Västra götalandsregionen VGR

Project time

2014 - 2015