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Anna-Karin Christiansson

Anna-Karin Christiansson

Senior lecturer

Docent i Produktionsteknik M1-208


Staff member at Division of Industrial automation.

Research area

Conducts research in engineering and technology, production technology.

Research area/research interest

My research focuses on measurement and control systems for production processes. The purpose is to acquire process understanding and to facilitate model verification and process control through reliable sensors that capture relevant process information. Experimental studies are performed on different manufacturing processes at PTC in cooperation with process expertise with process understanding. The aim of the research is to develop control functions for robust behaviour during varying conditions.

The additive manufacturing process is of special interest. When performing additive manufacturing, completely new components are produced by melting metal wire using welding technology. Layer upon layer of melted wire is deposited until the desired shape is reached.


I am supervising PhD-students in production technology with special interest in issues regarding welding automation. I have long experience of teaching feedback control and electrical technology in engineering programs.


Welding automation, non-contact measurement, feedback control, measurement systems for welding