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Joel Andersson

Joel Andersson


Professor of Material Science and Head of Division of Welding Technology O3-205


Staff member at Division of Mechanical engineering. Conducts research in engineering and technology, production technology.

My name is Joel Andersson and I am a professor of Material Science, and Director Production Technology at University West in Trollhättan Sweden. My field of research primarily covers welding and weldability of high-temperature materials, in particular, the precipitation hardening Ni- and Ni-Fe-based superalloys. I’m currently supervising several Ph.D. students in corresponding research areas.

Production technology in mechanical engineering encompasses as a subject the areas of expertise needed to produce products environmentally, rationally, economically, and safely with given performance. Research within KAM-PT and specific production technology is conducted at UW within the two specializations Production Processes and Production Systems, and collaboration between these is central. The subject Mechanical Engineering includes parts of established and accepted subjects such as materials and manufacturing technology within the specialization Production Processes and subjects such as measurement, control, and computer engineering within the specialization Production Systems. The scientific methods applied are based on the natural science tradition in each discipline with a large element of experimental and theoretical approaches, which are central to the building of knowledge.

Research within KAM-PT has therefore been divided into three core areas; 1) Materials and Manufacturing Processes (MoT), 2) Flexible Industrial Automation (FIA) and 3) Technology Shift and Competence Transformation (ToK). Within the FIA, the research issues are at a more general level, i.e. machine and system level, while MoT has a focus on the process level. FIA and MoT have also integrated within the environment Primus. ToK focuses on technology areas where a major national and regional transition is taking places such as electrification, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and autonomous vehicles. Also included is production management with a focus on sustainable transition. Note that research within the ToK is limited to dealing with research issues in production technology. Note also that there is a significant cross-border research collaboration between the core areas. This is especially evident when researchers from the different core areas are often part of the same research project and that the research environment generates many students’ thesis projects.

The core areas, in turn, are divided into thematic areas. Within the core area of MoT, research is conducted in the thematic areas: 1) Thermal spraying, 2) AM (Additive Manufacturing) powder bed, and 3) Welding and welding based AM. The core FIA conducts research in the thematic areas: 1) AI & Flexible Automation and 2) Simulation, control, and non-destructive testing of manufacturing processes. Within the core area ToK research is planned to develop in the thematic areas: 1) Computer engineering, electrical engineering, and in areas where we do not currently know what challenges will be addressed during the 10-year period and 2) Production management for sustainable development.