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Joel Andersson

Joel Andersson


Professor of Material Science and Director Production Technology O3-205


Anställd på Avdelningen för Maskinteknik.


Forskar inom teknik, produktionsteknik.

Prof. Joel Andersson is a distinguished professor and Director of Production Technology as well as assistant head of research within the Department of Engineering Science at University West, with a comprehensive academic and research background in material science, specifically focusing on the weldability and processing of superalloys. His career began with a Bachelor''''s in Material Science from the University of Dalarna, progressing to a Master''''s in Materials Processes and PhD in Materials Science from the Royal Institute of Technology and Chalmers University of Technology, respectively. His expertise is further demonstrated through his role as Adjunct Professor at various international institutions and a robust publication record in the field.

 Dr. Andersson''''s significant contributions to material science are underscored by his leadership in research projects and pedagogical pursuits, evidenced by his extensive teaching experience and supervision of numerous students at various levels. His work is not only confined to academia but also extends to industry collaborations, emphasizing practical applications of his research in improving manufacturing processes and materials engineering. As a project leader and a key member of various research initiatives, Dr. Andersson''''s work is pivotal in advancing knowledge in materials technology, especially concerning superalloys used in high-temperature and critical applications.