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Kristina Areskoug Josefsson


Professor i Arbetsintegrerat Lärande

Staff member at Section for health promotion and care sciences.


Kristina is professor in Work-integrated Learning at University West. During 2022-2024 Kristina also works as advisor in flexible education. Kristina is also professor in Public Health and Rehabilitation at Department of Behavioural Science, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway.

Kristina does interdisciplinary research to promote flexible education, sexual health, occupational health, co-production and quality improvement and leadership in health and welfare. Kristina has several ongoing research projects nationally and internationally, as for example Digital education in children’s sexuality in child care (led by VID Specialized University), Digital PhD supervision and WIL in supervision, and Evaluation and implementation of SEXIT in school healthcare.

Kristina’s has a clinical background as physiotherapist, specialized in Rheumatology and research and development co-ordinator in rehabilitation.  Kristina had her PhD dissertation in 2013 at Lund University: “Sexual health in Rheumatoid Arthritis - a physiotherapeutic approach”. Kristina’s postdoc project was performed at Lunds University 2014 and at Luleå Technical University 2015 focusing on communication and knowledge about sexual health for students in health and welfare professions and development of the Students’ Attitudes towards addressing Sexual Health questionnaire (SA-SH).


Krisitna teach in the specialist nursing program and is main supervisor for the following PhD students; Patrik Haraldsson (Jönköping University), Elin Salmiranta (Jönköping University), Pontus Wallin (Jönköping University),  Ingrid Thunem (VID Specialized University) and co-supervisor for Anna ChuChu Schindele (Malmö University).


WIL, improvement science, leadership, co-production, public health, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), work environment, rehabilitation


Kristina have assignments as an examiner of  doctoral theses and as member of doctoral grading committees, both nationally and internationally. I review for international scientific journals and for research funders.


Kristina Areskoug Josefsson (

Kristina have blogged scientifically for Jönköping University at Vertikals