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Ylva Svensson

Ylva Svensson

Senior lecturer I516


Staff member at Division of Psychology, Pedagogy and Sociology.

Research area

Conducts research in social sciences, psychology.

Research interest

My research concerns young people's identity development in general and ethnic identity and sense of belonging specifically. I start from theories of social integration where inter-ethnic relations and identity development are two interplaying aspects of when, how and to whom young people feel a sense of belonging. Thus, I am also interested in understanding how conditions for social integration and inclusion are created, and how segregation and exclusion can be avoided. I have a PhD in developmental psychology and focus on the individual's identity development, but assume that these processes are influenced by the people around them, by the norms and values that exist in society one lives in and by global currents.


Right now I am working on two projects, a collaborative project on school segregation and a research project regarding the role of association life in creating a sense of belonging.

External assignments

  • National representative in the European Association for Research on Adolescence (EARA)
  • I am regularly hired as a reviewer for international scientific journals, such as: Journal of Adolescence, Identity, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, Emerging Adulthood, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.


I teach in the Child and Adolescent Science master's programs and in independent courses in psychology. My teaching includes identity development, ethnic identity, and narrative identities. I also teach courses in scientific writing at undergraduate level and am responsible for the essay course in the Child and Adolescent Science programs. I also supervise essays at all levels.


Identity, ethnic identity, youth, social inclusion, segregation