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What has been done?

Pilot Exams 2023:
During week 22, 7 pilot exams were conducted in our new examination halls using the new Inspera system. Overall, the entire process went well. However, one exam had to be conducted using pen and paper as the secure web browser (SEB) was incorrectly installed on the computers. We had a few minor issues, a few students were unable to view their exams in Inspera, a student's computer was restarted in the middle of the exam, and some students couldn't remember their username and/or password.

A subsequent student survey showed that students were generally satisfied with the Inspera system, the new examination hall, and the procedures for digital exams. Some students felt that the room was cramped and found it easy to see other students' computer screens. These experiences will be taken into account during the evaluation and preparations for the renovation of the next hall.

Teachers are also satisfied with the entire process. They have saved time by being able to decipher students' answers (compared to poor handwriting in the past) through certain automated grading and automatic reporting to Ladok. On the negative side, several teachers believe that the learning curve for Inspera is slightly higher than they initially thought. It is not as intuitive as they would have liked. They found the Canvas training to be helpful.

Teachers participating in the pilot are:

Thomas Lundqvist and Andreas de Blanche, IV
Celia Aijmer Rydsjö, IoS
Kristina Furubacke, IV
Mats Lejon, IV

Hall renovation 2023: During spring 2023, three rooms have been renovated for digital exams, Phase 1. There are now a total of 58 digital writing stations distributed as follows: B104 = 46 seats, B111 and B134 = 6 seats each. The smaller rooms are primarily intended for students who require accommodations during their exams but can also be used to supplement the larger hall when more seats are needed.

Pilot Study 2019: In 2019, the university conducted a pilot study on digital exams, which identified several prerequisites. The experiences from the pilot are being incorporated into this implementation project.

System Support 2022: Inspera is the system that has been procured for digital exams. The system has been obtained through SUNET and is used by 15 other higher education institutions in Sweden, all universities in Norway, and in several other parts of the world.

What's happening?

Rooms: Phase 2 involves renovating and equipping B306 and B310 with just over 100 writing stations. Two group rooms, B311B and B311C, will also be equipped with two seats each and are primarily intended for students who require accommodations during their exams. Phase 2 is currently in the planning phase. Experiences from Phase 1 and the conducted pilot exams will be taken into account for Phase 2. Design and procurement will begin in June and are expected to be completed by early autumn. Construction will start later in the autumn. The hope is for it to be ready for pilot exams by the end of the autumn semester.

Project Manager: Linda Severinson
Project Participants: Lisa Hed, Laila Jensen Sundgren, Mikael Andersson, Christian Jiresjö