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University West operates in a region with many industries that emit the most climate-affecting gases in Sweden. In Västra Götaland’s future development strategy there are the cross-sectional areas of electrification and circular business models that are tools for reducing our impact on the climate. University West can conduct collaborative research that contributes to climate adaptation.

Objective: Research at University West contributes to climate adaptation, in collaboration with nearby organisations as well as with others in Sweden and abroad and it is conducted in a way that is climate-smart.

At our university we conduct research that generates knowledge which can contribute to climate adaptation through, for example, the development of technology and an understanding of human behaviour, organisation, and social structures. This research needs to be highlighted and resources need to be provided for further development, whereby interdisciplinary research and collaborative research on climate adaptation are encouraged. Research on climate-related issues is integrated into the university’s two complete academic environments within production technology and WIL and collaboration between environments focusing on these issues is encouraged, from 1st- to 3rd-cycle levels as well as other research environments. The internal communication about research on climate and sustainability issues needs to be developed so that knowledge about research being done at the university increases and becomes the basis for new collaborations.

Application of research results that contribute to climate adaptation is achieved through collaborative research with industry, public organisations, and civil society, where knowledge is created in collaboration. Particularly important is that climate adaptation is an integrated part of the strategic partnerships that the university has with partners in industry who work with fossil-based industry sectors that emit large amounts of climate-affecting gas. The university also contributes actively to the development of knowledge through the framework of campus development in that it is a test-bed for various pilot projects.

Research will be designed to practice what we preach, by reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions. We need to be credible by reducing emissions created though travel, purchases, and the use of machines, chemicals, and lab equipment, for example.