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This research has its focus on how children, youths and teenagers make decisions in their every-day-life. Prior research has shown that decision-making processes of teenagers differ compared to how children and adults take their decisions. Teenagers’ decisions are often fast and thrill-seeking. There is a gap of knowledge as concerns decision-making that has to be filled; among other things to be able to provide teenagers with appropriate guidance.

Data will be collected from approximately 280 persons in the age-group of 10-30 years within each country. The participants answer interview questions and play computer games where they face different types of decisions.

The results will provide information about how decision-making evolves within young people over time and how it differs amongst different cultures.

Participating researchers at University West

Emma Sorbring


Researchers from USA, Colombia, Italy, Kenya, India, Jordan, Thailand, Philippines and China

External funding

Jacobs Foundation, USA




Emma Sorbring

Emma Sorbring Professor Professor i barn- och ungdomsvetenskap