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Primus is a research environment with the overall vision of to be nationally leading and internationally recognized within production technology and industrial work integrated learning (I-WIL). To reach this vision, the strategy is to develop strong positions in research as well as in education and to integrate production technology with that of work integrated learning. One area of particular focus is to develop excellence in research within additive manufacturing AM. This is a rapidly evolving area, where Primus has the opportunity to take an internationally leading position.

Both new tools such as industrial computed tomography and robotized phased array ultrasonic inspection for AM parts as well as linking in-situ PBF inspection and monitoring to capability of quality assurance will be addressed in the project. In addition, the Fellowship in academy will take part in the education, as expert lecturer within advanced AM courses especially within quality assurance and methods for NDE, in-line with the University’s intention to strengthen work integrated learning by academy-industry exchange of knowledge.

Research Area

  • Teknik
  • Produktionsteknik

Research environment / Institution

  • Produktionsteknik
  • Primus (KK-miljö)
  • Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Project leader

Research funding

  • KK-Stiftelsen

Project time

2022 - 2025