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The research project Compit has the main goal to provide Swedish automotive industry with innovative strategies, methodologies and supportive technologies to assess, control and optimize the capability of machining systems. The ultimate objectives of these developments are both to increase the throughput of existing production lines and enable the industry to machine new high strength materials.  These form the basis of the next generation high performance automotive vehicles. 

A direct consequence of the project will be that energy and material efficiency is achieved contributing to weight reduction of machined parts. Weight reduction gives vehicle manufacturers significant benefits in terms of better fuel economy, emissions performance and thus reduced energy consumption.

Participants University West

Project Participants external

Jari Repo

Research Partner

  • Kungliga tekniska högskolan KTH
  • Scania
  • SAAB
  • GKN
  • Volvo Trucks

Research funding

  • Vinnova

Project time

2013 - 2016