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Our innovation project aims to take a holistic approach to language integration in Sweden. There is a great need to find successful ways of increasing the integration of foreign-born women and men in Sweden, where a lack of adequate language skills is a major obstacle, especially to be able to enter into the labor market. There is a clear link between, among other things, weak language skills and increased gaps in society, leading to segregation.

Our project is driven by a combination of strong actors within Swedish for immigrants (SFI), universities, businesses and non-profit organizations that can develop sustainable solutions on how to support and help foreign-born persons to be integrated by means of mobile technology.


Foreign-born women and men are involved in the project from the start and in the development, from identifying needs to developing solutions from their experiences and views. In our initial studies, we have laid the foundation for understanding the prerequisites, needs and aspirations of the target group. We have also established contact with various businesses, authorities and educational organizations during Stage 1. The project is highly user-driven where collaboration is the keyword to finding solutions to the integration challenges.

The aim

The aim of the project is to support foreign-born persons in being able to navigate in society and develop their language skills. Adequate language skills are essential to handle social codes, conventions, habits and cultures. Our various skills and perspectives within the project contribute to the solution; a powerful national digital tool that provides the user with tools for, among other things, practice vocational language, develop oral proficiency and communicate with others.

Research Area

  • Arbetsintegrerat lärande

Research environment / Institution

  • Arbetsintegrerat lärande
  • Institutionen för ekonomi och IT

Participants University West

Project Participants external

Daniel Jonlund, Folkuniversitetet (projektledare)

Research Partner

  • Göteborgs universitet
  • Göteborgs stad
  • Folkuniversitetet
  • Lingio AB
  • Social Society Sweden AB
  • Foxway

Research funding

  • Vinnova

Project time

2020 - 2022