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The overall purpose of this survey is to study the implementation of the work with Rätt kurva. The focus is mainly on social processes, i.e. on what grounds the police and social services select children for the Rätt kurva and what measures are taken. This question contains both an interest directed at the work process within Rätt Kurva and an interest in how problems and risks are defined through the efforts aimed at the children and young people and their guardians who participate in Rätt Kurva. The work model has been developed in Germany.

The project is owned by the University of Gothenburg (GU) and is led by Johannes Lunneblad, professor at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning (IPKL).
Participating researchers: Nils Hammaren, professor (IPKL, GU), Anna-Lena Borg (doctoral student), Department of Social and Behavioural, University West.

Research Area

  • Samhällsvetenskap
  • Utbildningsvetenskap/Pedagogik/Didaktik

Research environment / Institution

  • Arbetsintegrerat lärande
  • Institutionen för individ och samhälle

Project leader

Research Partner

  • Göteborgs universitet

Research funding

  • Kronprinsessparets stiftelse

Project time

2024 - 2026